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There are many ways for you to develop your meditation practice and meet like-minded teens here at IMCW. IMCW teens attend monthly meditation classes, daylongs and class series, and residential retreats. We hope to see you soon!


TitleTeacher(s)LocationMeeting FrequencyLevelAudienceFeaturesDescriptionFind Next Meetings
Teen Sangha (Community)Travis Spencer, Rashid HughesCenter for Mindful Living, 4708 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Upper floor, Washington, DC, 200162nd & 4th Wednesdays, MonthlyAll Levels14-19 year oldsShort meditation, discussion

This gathering is an opportunity for teens 14-19 to come together to support each other's mindfulness practice. The format is as follows:

- 25 minute guided mindfulness meditation

- Introductions / Check-in Games

- Short talk on discussion topic on how to integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives in dealing with relationships, school, the world

- Gratitude Practice

- Closing

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Teen Retreats -- iBmeiBme TeachersMaryland and VirginiaWeekend and weeklong retreats throughout the yearAll LevelsTeens 14-19 years oldMeditation, mindful movement, community, activities

These retreats are a unique opportunity for youth ages 14-19 to experience mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, and community in an atmosphere of acceptance, support and kindness. Youth learn to cultivate self-love, acceptance and resilience and to come into alignment with who they truly are.

With an experienced and compassionate adult staff and beautiful surroundings, we create a strong and safe container that allows teens to deepen their awareness of self, the world they live in, and the way they interact with others and gives them a toolkit for lifelong mental health and social-emotional well-being.

Find out more about the iBme programs at their website.

These retreats are co-sponsored by IMCW.

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Middle School Mindfulness Sangha, BethesdaJack Blackfelt, Lauren RubensteinRiver Road UU Congregation, 6301 River Road Bethesda MD 20817 Monthly, 2nd SundaysAll LevelsAges 10-13 Details coming soon.Learn more
Middle School Sangha, ArlingtonCorinne Krill, Satyani McPherson4444 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204Monthly, 3rd SundaysAll Levels10-13 year olds Details coming soon.