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Our Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is designed to support you in deepening the aliveness of your practice. Your time can be spent on the technical aspects of meditation as well as life issues you are exploring.

The Mentoring Session

For a mentoring session you can meet with your mentor either in person, by phone or via Skype. (Some mentors have specific preferences.)

You’ll begin with a short meditation to help you and your mentor arrive in presence. Your mentor will either guide you in the meditation or you’ll listen to a recorded meditation together.

After this, you’ll explore what has been going on in your meditation practice. This can be an opportunity to examine the difficulties you’ve encountered as well as insights and other fruits of practice that have emerged.

You might also take time with your mentor to explore how you can enhance your meditative experience through cultivating a regular daily practice, drawing on relevant books and audio resources, and attending retreats.

Additionally, you might explore the broader issues in your life--how to apply mindfulness practices to the challenges of your daily life.

To apply to the mentoring program, please read the Find a Mentor page.