About TRC

The True Companion Program

The True Refuge Companion Program is designed to support you and your meditation practice as you face the challenges posed by the “heavenly messengers” of aging, illness and death. Our volunteers are graduates of the eight-month IMCW Sacred Journey program, or a similar program, and will be practicing under the guidance of IMCW teacher Mary Aubry and guest teacher Susan Akers.

We are trained in cultivating a kind, personal relationship with these fading parts of our existence and have worked toward embracing them. We know our youth, health, and this very life are transient. True Refuge Companions can help bring mindful presence and loving awareness to these challenges through companioned meditation sessions, noble silence, and deeply listening in a way that helps to hold a space for whatever arises.

The Companion Session

You can meet with your True Refuge Companion either in person, by phone or via Skype or other online communication service.

You can begin with a short meditation to help you and your Companion arrive in presence. This can be silent, or you may request guidance.  The Companion can guide the meditation or you both can listen together to a recorded guided meditation.

After this, you might want to explore what has been going on in your meditation practice. This could be an opportunity to examine the difficulties you’ve encountered as well as insights and other fruits of practice that have emerged.

You will also have the opportunity for a longer sit with your Companion, either silent or guided.

To end, you might discuss how to apply mindfulness practices to the challenges of your daily life.

Sessions should last no more than one hour.

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