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A retreat is primarily silent, and is based on the classical format of sitting and walking meditations and dharma talks. Residential retreats provide the opportunity for either individual or small group practice meetings with teachers. Some daylong and half-day day retreats also offer time for discussion and sharing.

Participants are welcome to bring cushions and mats, but chairs are available for those who prefer them. For daylong retreats, participants bring their own lunches, which are eaten in mindful silence. Comfortable clothes are suggested, and many retreatants bring an extra shawl, sweater or blanket for added warmth during longer sits.

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Daylongs and Workshops

A workshop is not primarily silent (talking may be allowed during breaks and lunch) and may be focused on a special topic, such as applying meditation to relationships, emotional healing or physical well-being. Workshops may include a variety of formats, including different reflections and exercises and the sharing of experiences.