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A Year of Engaged Dharma

A Year of Engaged Dharma

By Editor | Feb 23 2017


IMCW is organizing a yearlong group, A Year of Engaged Dharma, to explore and practice bringing Dharma teachings and practices into engagement in the world at this challenging time—when cherished rights and freedoms are under threat and vulnerable individuals and communities under attack.

This is an opportunity for a group of 30 participants to support each other in bringing the ‘inner’ practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, wise speech and action and other teachings and practices into active engagement to help alleviate suffering.

Meeting and working together as a group will help build resilience for the long haul, support us all in our individual engagement and provide opportunities for joint action on projects of shared interest—whether we are working to aid vulnerable individuals or communities threatened with exclusion or deportation; working for racial justice, civil and human rights, or support for our planet; or learning to have difficult conversations with family members across the political divide.

The group will meet monthly sharing experiences and exploring how our spiritual practice can support us in engaging wisely, compassionately, and effectively in the world.

Hugh Byrne, an IMCW guiding teacher, will be the lead teacher for the program, working closely with Kirstin Barker, IMCW Board Member and Director of One Earth Sangha, as well as organizers associated with All Souls/Church of the Holy City sangha and the Lamont Dharma House.

The cost of the program is $300-400 (sliding scale, the larger amount will support scholarships), payable following application and acceptance into the program. Click here to apply to participate in the program. For more information, please contact Kathleen “Kaughtlane” Gless.  


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