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IMCW Becomes a Supporting Sanctuary Congregation

IMCW Becomes a Supporting Sanctuary Congregation

By Editor | Mar 24 2017


Dear IMCW Friends,

The IMCW leadership has chosen to join with over 200 congregations in the Washington, DC metro area as a “Supporting Sanctuary Congregation.”* This decision arises from our care for fellow humans who face the threat of being detained, deported or profiled.

An integral part of our spiritual path is compassionate action in the face of suffering. In these current times we have neighbors, friends and families who are increasingly at risk. Our path asks that we stand up against the criminalization and scapegoating of immigrants and people of color. Instead of building walls that separate, we are dedicated to showing love, compassion and hospitality.

This choice to engage actively is not for the sake of troubled people “out there.” Most of us, if not personally targeted, have friends, neighbors, or relatives who are living in real fear. This is our shared suffering, and we have an opportunity to act collectively with many other faith and humanitarian groups, to be of service.

We hope you’ll read the information below and choose to participate in a small or large way in this effort to be part of the healing of our society.

With love and prayers,


IMCW Board of Directors



*What is a “Supporting Sanctuary Congregation”

A Supporting Sanctuary Congregation, while not physically hosting people who fear profiling, detention or deportation, can offer solidarity through providing support to hosting congregations and engaging in local advocacy efforts, or take direct action to stand with those who are being targeted by participating in Rapid Response networks.

How can you participate?

IMCW is currently collecting names of those who are interested in providing support to hosting congregations and possibly engaging in other local efforts towards advocacy. If you would like to be contacted as opportunities for service arise, please contact Erica & Glen @ Bethesda Wednesday Sangha.

If you would like to participate in monthly teach-ins and support groups, please contact Scott & Danya at Dupont Sunday Sangha.

Attend Sanctuary DMV (DC, MD, VA) meeting: 

April 26, 6-9 p.m., All Souls Unitarian Universalist, 1500 Harvard St NW, Washington, DC 20009.

Participate in regional Rapid Response network with text message alerts:

  • Text HereToStay to 877877 to join a local network
  • Text Sanctuary to 228466 to join a local network

Call 1-844-363-1423 (United We Dream) to report Immigration Enforcement activity.

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