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Hurricane Harvey & South Asian Monsoon

Hurricane Harvey & South Asian Monsoon

By Tara Brach | Aug 29 2017


Dear Friends,

We've put together a list of organizations that are responding to Hurricane Harvey and the disastrous monsoon in South Asia. We hope you will offer a donation to these or other groups attempting to relieve suffering in this country and in South Asia. Any amount, large or small, will help those affected by this vicious storm.

Hurricane Harvey

Global Giving - Aiming to raise $2 million for emergency supplies and shelter.

Portlight - Focusing on inclusive disaster relief for those with disabilities.

Texas Diaper Bank - Putting together relief kits for families with small children.

South Asia Monsoon

As we watch Houston in disbelief, an even bigger catastrophe is underway in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India, where monsoon rains of epic proportions have battered the region for weeks. Close to 1,200 people have died and millions are homeless. There's malnutrition, little clean water, and fears of widespread disease. About 41 million people are affected, which is close to the population of Texas and Louisiana and Oklahoma and Mississippi and Arkansas put together.

Save the Children - giving children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

Mercy Relief - providing timely and effective aid when disasters strike, and empowering communities in Asia.

Please offer your support, and prayers.



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