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Awakening Joy 2018 with James Baraz

Awakening Joy 2018 with James Baraz

By Editor | Dec 15 2017


We're very happy to announce that registration is open for the 2018 session of Awakening Joy.

Awakening Joy is based on a key principle: Our suffering or well-being is not solely determined by what's happening in our present circumstance but to a large degree by our relationship to what is happening. Whatever our external conditions, our joy and happiness is a choice we can make.

These principles and practices have been shared with people throughout the world for the past fifteen years. Participants repeatedly report on their increased abilities to cultivate well-being, allow positive feelings to co-exist with painful ones and chose greater happiness in ordinary daily life. Members of the course report on their increased appreciation of the wonders of life and their ability to respond to suffering with greater compassion.

The course is meant to be a nourishing experience; there's no guilt, no pressure, no failing. It comes down to inclining the mind to choose well-being in our life. That choice is powerful when we understand where true happiness lies and commit to actually practicing and strengthening good habits that support that choice. It's all about practicing. Many people have taken the course several times to keep developing these tools of well-being.

The course experience is further amplified by the support of a community with that shared intention-both with your friends and/or with our online virtual community as we go through the ten steps together. A European course participant who led a group recently wrote: "Thank you for your well thought-out format for the course, which again proved very beneficial. We had eight participants and, although some had only little experience in the practice, a supportive and often open group atmosphere could be felt from the first day on."

Group discounts are offered, as well an Early Bird Discount rate until December 31st. As in the past, if finances are a consideration, we can work out a lower scholarship rate. Check out the website for details.

To see a video that explains how the course works and to register go to:

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