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Mindfulness at Work Free Online Summit, June 11-20

Mindfulness at Work Free Online Summit, June 11-20

By Editor | May 30 2018


We are excited to announce that the inaugural Mindfulness at Work Summit, an online gathering dedicated to the application of mindfulness in the workplace starts on June 11.

This new event features sessions with 56 leading meditation teachers, best-selling authors, pioneering scientists, executives & directors from F500 companies, nonprofits, and government institutions.

Click here to register for the online Summit at no cost.

At the event, you’ll learn how mindfulness can help you become a better leader, transform your workplace, improve your team’s health & performance, and feel more fulfilled at work. You’ll discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies from this diverse group of renowned experts that have never been gathered together before.

Topics explored at the Mindfulness at Work Summit include:

  • How to introduce Mindfulness at work and win over skeptics?
  • How to lead with focus, clarity, and authenticity?
  • How to increase productivity and wellness in the workplaces?
  • How to create a collaborative, innovative, and empowering culture?

Plus, the latest science, case studies, teaching mindfulness, mindful movement,  mindfulness in K-12 and mindfulness in Higher Education.

Sessions will be filled with key takeaways, tips, and practices that you can apply immediately.

Speakers include:

  • Dan Goleman, psychologist & best-selling author
  • Sharon Salzberg, co-founder, Insight Meditation Society (IMS) & best-selling author, Real Love
  • Dan Siegel, best-selling author, executive director, Mindsight Institute, clinical professor, UCLA School of Medicine, & founding co-director, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
  • Rhonda Magee, JD & professor of law, University of San Francisco
  • Judson Brewer, best selling author & research director, Center for Mindfulness UMass Medical
  • Diana Winston, director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
  • Dan Harris, best-selling author, 10% Happier & journalist, ABC News
  • Congressman Tim Ryan, best-selling author, A Mindful Nation
  • PLUS -- Top executives from Aetna, SAP,  McKinsey, The Nature Conservancy & EnPro Industries

Check out the entire lineup of 56 presenters here.

For anyone who is committed to bringing mindfulness into their workplace, becoming a mindful leader, or applying mindfulness to their profession this is a must attend event.  

Whether you are new to mindfulness or a deep practitioner, join us at the online summit to learn how to amplify your impact, energize your team, and be the change you wish to see at work.

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