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  • State of the IMCW People of Color & LGBTQ Sanghas/Diversity Efforts, 2010-11

    posted on Dec 10 2010
    Respectfully submitted by La Sarmiento on December 10, 2010. Both sanghas have been in existence since the spring of 2005. The LGBTQ listserve has over 350 members; the POC listserve over 250. Both sanghas meet monthly. Through the generosity of Unity Woods Yoga, we meet at their b... Read more
  • Loving the Earth

    posted on Nov 08 2010
    Loving the Earth
    (Editor's note: This article was originally published in the ENews, November 2010.) By Kristin Barker

 Our earth is suffering and most of us are suffering right along with it. Recent events, such as the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the failure in Congress to pass climate change legisla... Read more
  • Inclement Weather Policy--Wednesday Nights

    posted on Nov 08 2010
    Inclement Weather Policy--Wednesday Nights
    In the event of inclement weather effecting the Wednesday night class in Bethesda, a decision is made by 3:00 p.m. the day of the class as to whether or not class will be held that evening. If the class is cancelled, the class cancellation information will be posted on the IMCW homepage. Read more
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  • The Sangha Speaks!

    posted on Sep 08 2010
    The Sangha Speaks!
    Thank you to the 600 members of our community who took the time to respond to our community survey this spring. The number of responses spoke to a deep investment in IMCW, while the comments demonstrated what a thoughtful bunch of people we have in our midst.  The Board has established a subcom... Read more
  • Jonathan Foust on Diane Rehm Show

    posted on Jun 22 2010
    Jonathan Foust on Diane Rehm Show
    On June 22, IMCW senior teacher Jonathan Foust was a guest on the Diane Rehm show. The topic was "The Power of Meditation" and Jonathan spoke, along with NIH's Josephine Briggs and University of Wisconsin's Richard Davidson about the positive effects of meditation in daily life.  You are invite... Read more
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  • IMCW Community Dharma Leaders: Bringing the Dharma to Diverse Communities

    posted on Feb 22 2010
    IMCW Community Dharma Leaders: Bringing the Dharma to Diverse Communities
    To bring the dharma to still more people in our troubled world, and to expand its reach to diverse communities, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California will conduct its fourth Community Dharma Leader (CDL) training course beginning in September 2010. Five teachers and teachers-in- training from IMCW have been accepted to the program.... Read more
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