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  • Yearlong Intensive: Bringing Mindfulness to Life

    Editor posted on Feb 26 2015
    Yearlong Intensive: Bringing Mindfulness to Life

    September 2015-May 2016

    Imagine if mindfulness was a way of life, instead of a class...

    Applications are now being accepted for the 2015-16 class of Bringing Mindfulness to Life. The course offers monthly meetings, three daylong retreats, a weekend residential retreat, small group work and regular one-on-one meeting with teachers. The dynamic curriculum includes dharma study, structured journaling exercises designed specifically for this class, and yoga....

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  • Incorporating Mindfulness into Family Life

    posted on Feb 19 2015
    Incorporating Mindfulness into Family Life
    On February 22 at the Arlington children and family class, IMCW will be holding a focus group to learn more about how you incorporate mindfulness into your family life. The teachers of the IMCW Family Program have partnered with researchers at Catholic University, who are conducting a study to learn... Read more
  • Class cancellations: Weather

    posted on Feb 16 2015
    Class cancellations: Weather
    Due to inclement weather this week, classes may be canceled. As long as the teachers and staff have electricity we will be posting class cancellations as they are needed. Please check the class page on the website before you leave for class. And please, stay safe if the roads look risky.  We... Read more
  • Introduction to Meditation Series with Tara Brach

    Editor posted on Feb 02 2015
    Introduction to Meditation Series with Tara Brach

    On February 11 and 18, IMCW invites you to join founding teacher Tara Brach for a new 2-part "Introduction to Meditation" series. This series is designed for new practioners & those with “beginner’s mind” who want to refresh and deepen their practice. The classes will be held during the Wednesday night class in Bethesda, MD.

    The first class of this series will explore the attitude we bring to meditation that makes it rewarding, and the training that helps us in "coming back" from thoughts. The second class will guide us in "being here"...

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  • Job Opening: Executive Director, New York Insight Meditation Center

    Editor posted on Feb 01 2015
    Job Opening: Executive Director, New York Insight Meditation Center

    New York Insight Meditation Center seeks an executive director. The executive director reports to the board of directors, works in collaboration with the guiding teacher and the board, and directs the deputy director, volunteers and consultants to ensure that the organization continually realizes its mission and vision.

    This is a full-time paid position starting mid May 2015. Read more
  • A Year of Living Mindfully 2015

    Jonathan Foust posted on Jan 15 2015
    A Year of Living Mindfully 2015
    A 12-Month Inquiry into the Nature of Awakened Heart and Mind  There is a theory that goes like this:  Think of your five best friends.  Think of how much money they make.  Average their income. It’s probably your income. When I first heard thi... Read more
  • Awakening Joy with James Baraz

    Editor posted on Jan 08 2015
    Awakening Joy with James Baraz
    Registration is now open for James Baraz’s 2015 Awakening Joy course which runs for five months from February-June. It's fun, it's powerful and it works, as participants practice ten different states of well-being together.

    Thousands of people have taken this course which James has been teaching since 2003. The course can be taken online. Each participant gets access to practice letters and video/audio recordings of the live classes.... Read more
  • Gratitude Meditation for the New Year

    Vicki Goodman posted on Jan 04 2015
    Gratitude Meditation for the New Year
    We would like to offer this gratitude meditation to you as you enter the New Year. Gratitude meditations are used to encourage mindful presence and to open the heart. Namaste!

    1 – Bring to mind a benefactor or mentor. Someone who has helped or guided you. It can be a real person, a historical figure or archetype. Pick one. See their face, their eyes. In some way express your gratitude to them…in your expression or in words. You may just feel it in your heart. If you like you can say to yourself the word, “grateful, grateful for your care, grateful for your guidance, grateful for your loving presence"....  Read more
  • Tara's Class Schedule Updates

    Editor posted on Dec 18 2014
    Tara's Class Schedule Updates
    Mark your calendars! December 17 is the special Solstice class at River Road. We will light candles to welcome in the new year, chant and listen to music along with a guided meditation and dharma talk by Tara. Tara Brach's class on December 3 is canceled so that River Road Unitarian ... Read more
  • Awakening through Embodiment & Relationship

    Editor posted on Dec 03 2014
    Awakening through Embodiment & Relationship
    6-Month Course with Cynthia Wilcox  This course is for those who have a meditation practice and are ready to participate in this group as an experiential pathway to learning. Participants can enter the course with a partner, friend, or family member, or it will be equally rich to come on you... Read more
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