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  • Mindful Leadership Summit, November 14-16, 2014 by Editor

    UPDATE: Regular seats are sold out. Extra seats have been added. Register today before they're gone! 

    There is an alternative to just leading from the top down. It's leading from the inside out. That's what mindful leadership is all about. It's about recognizing that your leadership is in service to others. It's about creating the space in your life to cultivate self-awareness and compassion, and leading with authenticity in a way that inspires others....

  • Carolyn Hobbs, Guest teacher Arlington & Bethesda by Editor

    On October 27 and 29, author and teacher Carolyn Hobbs will be guest teaching at IMCW's Arlington and Bethesda classes. She will be talking about her new book, Free Yourself: Ten Life-Changing Powers of Your Wise Heart:

    Though the voice of our heart may be buried beneath the shouts of our ego and the clamors of our worries, our heart already has all the characteristics of the person we want to be in the world -- it's trusting, curious, aware, resourceful, compassionate, kind, grateful, forgiving, truthful, and peaceful. And if we manage to listen deeply, we can access these traits and the strengths they bring....

  • Focus Groups, Family Mindfulness by Editor

    If you have a child between the ages of 5-12 and practice mindfulness in any way with family members, please consider joining us on Sunday, October 19 in Arlington or Sunday, November 16 in Tenleytown to participate in a study on family mindfulness. Your participation would involve completing a brief questionnaire and having a group discussion with other parents about mindfulness practices in families....

Hugh Byrne wins "Best Contender for Guru" Status, Washington City Paper

Hugh Byrne wins "Best Contender for Guru" Status, Washington City Paper

By Editor | Mar 24 2011

See the Washington City Paper article, dated 3/24/2011.

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