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  • First Annual IMCW Family Retreat by Editor

    IMCW is proud to announce our first annual Family Retreat for children ages 5-12 and their parents, the weekend of June 26-28. It will be held at the beautiful Sevenoaks Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia--120 forested acres on the Rapidan River, just north of Charlottesville.

    Walking, sitting, and working meditation as well as free time for families will be offered, as well as skits, songs, stories, art, a campfire...

  • Focus Group, Family Mindfulness by Editor

    We’re interested in learning about all ways in which mindfulness influences your family, including the ways that family members relate to one another, attitudes towards one another, mindful communication, and more. We’d also like to hear about any mindfulness practices you might engage in with family members, such as gratitude or compassion practices, family meditation or yoga.

  • Yearlong Intensive: Bringing Mindfulness to Life by Editor

    September 2015-May 2016

    Imagine if mindfulness was a way of life, instead of a class...

    Applications are now being accepted for the 2015-16 class of Bringing Mindfulness to Life. The course offers monthly meetings, three daylong retreats, a weekend residential retreat, small group work and regular one-on-one meeting with teachers. The dynamic curriculum includes dharma study, structured journaling exercises designed specifically for this class, and yoga....

Guest Teacher Ajahn Kusalo to Teach 3 IMCW Classes in September

By Editor | Sep 20 2011

Inspiring guest teacher Ajahn Kusalo will be teaching three classes for IMCW this month. Kusalo is  a Theravadin senior monk in residence at Tisarana Monastery near Ottawa in Canada. 

As a Buddhist monk in the Forest tradition, Kusalo lives a monastic "life of shared aspiration, shared values, shared responsibilities and shared resources."  As a Theravadin, he follows the original teachings and rules of monastic discipline taught by the Buddha. 

Ajahn Kusalo will be teaching:

These classes are offered freely, although a donation is appreciated. No registration is required.

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