Talk and Meditation 3: Cultivating Mindfulness as a Path to Habit Change with Hugh Byrne

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Talk and Meditation 3: Cultivating Mindfulness as a Path to Habit Change

We all have habits we’d like to change and habits we’d like to develop to live more happily and fully. But once ingrained, behaviors can be very hard to break because of the brain processes involved in habit formation.

Join IMCW guiding teacher Hugh Byrne, PhD, and learn how to use to mindfulness skills and practices to bring habitual behaviors and thought patterns into awareness, where they can be transformed.

Emphasizing kindness, self-compassion, non-judgment, and moment-to-moment awareness, you will cultivate formal and informal skills and practices to help you free yourself from unhealthy habits. You will empower yourself to shift your life through:

  • mindfulness of breath and body, including sitting and walking meditation to connect with your deepest intentions and discover what you care about most deeply.
  • loving-kindness and self-compassion practices to help you “ride the waves” and work with difficult feelings, bodily sensations, and challenging emotions.
  • mindful eating and guided reflections to identify unhelpful habits to let go of and beneficial ones to develop.
  • work skillfully with your thoughts to shift your focus from narrating to fully experiencing your life.