The Dance of Relational Trance with Tara Brach

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The Dance of Relational Trance

When we become emotionally reactive in our relationships, we often go into a trance that creates separation and locks us into a narrow sense of self.  This talk explores how, by pausing and deepening our attention,  we can reconnect with the wisdom of our hearts.

NOTES FROM TARA – “The Dance of Relational Trance” 2011-12-14


1.      Pause.

2.      Investigate what is going on inside you (feelings, beliefs)...regard with compassion.

3.      Investigate what might be going on inside the other person...regard with compassion

4.      Sense your highest intention for the interaction.

5.      Experiment to see what will help it manifest.


·         No one is right or wrong/bad.

·         Insisting that someone "should" be different will not move the interaction toward a healthy resolution.

·         Be forgiving--these patterns originally arose to help us navigate a difficult world.

·         Be patient--they have been around a long time!

·         Be dedicated to deepening attention--these patterns keep us from living from our innate wisdom and love.

·         Even if only one person is aiming to awaken from patterning, it will help others.

·         Practice by reflecting on situation when not in the midst.