At IMCW...

Mary co-teaches a class on Capitol Hill on Monday nights.

Mary Aubry

Mary began meditation in the Vipassana tradition while living in Tennessee in 1993. Since then, she has attended a month-long silent meditation retreat, and over 25 seven-to-ten day silent retreats. Since moving to Washington D.C. in 2008, her teachers have included Tara Brach, Hugh Byrne, Jonathan Foust, and Leigh Brasington. She has a daily spiritual practice that includes yoga, Vipassana, metta, and/or jhana practice. 

From 2009-2014 Mary served on the Board of Directors of the Southern Dharma Retreat Center, located near Asheville, North Carolina. In September 2012, she graduated from the Community Dharma Leadership IV program sponsored by the Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Currently, Mary teaches meditation classes on behalf of IMCW at St. Mark's Church on Capitol Hill on Monday evenings. She is also one of the organizing teachers of Sacred Journey: Being Present with Aging, Illness, and Dying, an IMCW-sponsored intensive deepening-practice program. 

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