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Mindful Engagement 2020: Bringing Our Practice into the World

... I helped organize demonstrations, civil disobedience campaigns, and legislative pressure to change U.S. policies in Latin America, which were funding economic elites and propping up military dictatorships.... I wasn’t looking for Buddhism but it found me at the end of the 1980s and gradually transformed the way I looked at and engaged in politics....

Coming Home: Reflections on the 2019 Family Retreats

This past July, our family retreats brought together over 130 children, parents, teens, and staff to unplug and reconnect -- with each other, one’s self, and nature. Through games, skits, meditation, family connector activities, dialogue, crafts, music, and nature activities, the time was rich with laughter, connection and renewal....

IMCW Visioning Process Enters a New Phase

The IMCW Visioning Team has now conducted over 28 focus groups with more than 113 participants -- and will be conducting several more -- associated with IMCW’s many classes, activities, groups, affinity sanghas, and other offerings and communities...
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Mindful Leadership Summit 2019

Over the last 6 years, the Mindful Leadership Summit has brought together 3,540 leaders from over 34 countries. Thought leaders and practice experts speaking about trauma-sensitive mindfulness, embodiment, open-hearted awareness, breathwork, mindful movement, organizational development, mindful leadership, positive psychology, integral coaching, and yoga & wellness....


#CompassionTakesAction This Friday, September 20, we invite IMCW to support global youth and the future of all beings in Climate Strike.