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Holding all beings with a compassionate heart

IMCW would like to reach out to our community as we process what, for many, has been deep distress following the recent election. All of us, however we voted, can use this time to recommit ourselves to mindfulness, compassion, and awareness. We can use our practice every day to give what we can--whether time, talent or money-- to help work for issues that affect all of us
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Creating a One Earth Sangha

In response to the growing threat of climate change a group of Insight practitioners in the Washington, DC area are creating a new sangha. Our mission is to create a community of teachers and practitioners to support one another in awakening and responding to environmental threats to our shared home. Beginning this summer, One Earth Sangha will gather, share and cultivate a dharmic perspective on climate change....

IMCW Diversity Statement 2009

IMCW is a welcoming community that is committed to spreading Buddhist teachings in an inclusive environment. We believe the Dharma is a gift to all, inclusive of race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, economic status and any other personal, social or cultural attribute....

Engaging with the Suffering of Our World

The Buddha’s teachings offer skillful ways: - of engaging in wise action to bring about the change that our world needs without being attached to outcomes;  - of disagreeing without turning those we disagree with into enemies;  - of having views and opinions but not being lost in or attached to our views and beliefs;  - and of knowing that violence cannot be ended by violence, only by love.   The poet T.S. Eliot said, "Teach us to care, and not to care." The Buddha’s teachings likewise encourage us to care deeply but not to cling and hence cause additional suffering to ourselves and others....