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IMCW Visioning 2.0: Progress Report

Over the past several months, the IMCW Visioning Team conducted 46 focus groups with an estimated 165 participants associated with IMCW’s many classes, activities, groups, affinity sanghas, and other offerings and communities. Thanks so much to all of you who have lent your voice to articulating what IMCW can become!

Celebrating Tara’s new book, Radical Compassion on Wednesday, Jan 8 -- You're Invited!

Many years ago, I read a moving article by a hospice care‑ giver who had accompanied thousands of people during their final weeks. One phrase in particular has stayed with me. After countless hours listening to the thoughts of the dying, the caregiver summed up their greatest regret with these words: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself."

You are invited to a mindful New Year's Eve

We are holding a first-ever New Year’s Eve event with the sangha at the Center for Mindful Living (CML) to complete the year 2019 and mindfully bring in 2020 together. There will be a room for mindful connection and a room just for silence. It is fine to stop by for a bit or stay the whole evening....

Give from the Heart

We are grateful for your help as we enter our 24th year of bringing insight meditation -- refuge -- to a growing community. Please give so that we can continue to offer the programs, classes, online talks and outreach that help awaken us...