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A Letter from Sri Lanka: Releasing Resistance, Taking in the Good

Dear IMCW Community, I’ve been living in Sri Lanka for the last year and a half. When the number of Covid cases was only at 20, the whole country was put under curfew for over a month. Just this week some restrictions were lifted in most of the country, aside from hotspot areas where many cases are still turning up. People can now go back to work but schools are not scheduled to open...

This Earth Day: Our Breath, Our Life, Our World

Could sitting and observing our breath this Earth Day better connect us to the natural world? When I started practicing mindfulness meditation more than 15 years ago, I had no idea that sitting in silence and focusing on my breath would not just offer me insight about my own personal experiences, but also open doors of understanding about connection...

Welcome to IMCW

For those of you who have joined us since the pandemic began, welcome! We are pleased to see new folks coming and taking advantage of our daytime and evening online classes and recorded talks. Most of our weekly classes are suitable for those new to meditation, offering guided meditation and a dharma, or teaching talk which will help you with your sitting practice...