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Registration Now Open for "Jhanas & Insight" Retreat

"The jhanas are altered states of consciousness with little or no ego. They are arrived at by one-pointed concentration and temporary abandonment of unwholesome mind states of greed and aversion." (Mary Aubry) In May, IMCW teacher Mary Aubry is offering a special, deepening practice, 10-day residential retreat for experienced meditators...

Three Refuges Class, Bethesda

Our drop-in class tonight, Wednesday, January 2, in Bethesda is canceled. The next class will be on Wednesday, January 9 and is our special Three Refuges class. The three classic refuges of Buddha (awareness), Dharma (truth) and Sangha (loving relatedness) are each expressions of our deepest essence....

Reflections on Bodhicitta

“When you don’t have any solid self that you need to maintain and all your energy is used to fulfill others’ happiness -- that kind of attitude is called bodhicitta", notes teacher Tsonknyi Rinpoche. In cultivating bodhicitta, or “awakening heart/mind”, our task is simply to get out of our own way and let our natural state of wisdom and compassion express itself....

Help us nurture compassionate awakening

We hope that as you reflect on how IMCW has influenced you to live mindfully and with love, you will offer support to IMCW to continue its work. With your donation, we can continue to offer these teachings and practices as a way to transform fear, hatred, and delusion into awakened, loving presence....

Film: Animals and the Buddha

Please join us for a screening of the film “Animals and the Buddha”, directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Keegan Kuhn (“Cowspiracy”, “What the Health”), to raise awareness and encourage deeper reflection on how extending compassion to all animals, particularly the animals we might typically forget about, is consistent with the Buddhist path....