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Mindfulness of Body as a Refuge

Cultivating a sense of embodiment, maintaining some awareness in the body (as opposed to the head or the environment), brings a sense of groundedness and stability. Any object with a high center of gravity tends to be unstable and easily knocked over, while an object with a lower center of gravity is more stable. Similarly, when we cultivate moving attention down from the head and into the body, we tend to find that life events do not topple us quite so easily....

Reading List: Meditation, Buddhism and more

The following books are recommended by IMCW's teachers, including authors from Jack Kornfield to Jon Kabat-Zinn to Kristin Neff. We hope that you enjoy them. Sections include: Vipassana/Insight Meditation; Zen; Tibetan; Grieving, Death and Dying; Racism, Equity, Inclusivity; Engaged Buddhism; and Mindfulness for Children and Teens; as well as a wide assortment of other recommendations.

Tonglen Practice for Uncertain Times

In moments of anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness and feeling disconnected, there's a simple yet profound Buddhist practice that can provide an immediate ballast to the weight of suffering. I invite you to practice this with me daily in these coming weeks, or whenever uncertainty has you in its grip....