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You are invited to a mindful New Year's Eve

We are holding a first-ever New Year’s Eve event with the sangha at the Center for Mindful Living (CML) to complete the year 2019 and mindfully bring in 2020 together. There will be a room for mindful connection and a room just for silence. It is fine to stop by for a bit or stay the whole evening....

Mindful Engagement 2020: Bringing Our Practice into the World

... I helped organize demonstrations, civil disobedience campaigns, and legislative pressure to change U.S. policies in Latin America, which were funding economic elites and propping up military dictatorships.... I wasn’t looking for Buddhism but it found me at the end of the 1980s and gradually transformed the way I looked at and engaged in politics....
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Mindful Leadership Summit 2019

Over the last 6 years, the Mindful Leadership Summit has brought together 3,540 leaders from over 34 countries. Thought leaders and practice experts speaking about trauma-sensitive mindfulness, embodiment, open-hearted awareness, breathwork, mindful movement, organizational development, mindful leadership, positive psychology, integral coaching, and yoga & wellness....


#CompassionTakesAction This Friday, September 20, we invite IMCW to support global youth and the future of all beings in Climate Strike.