IMCW Visioning 2.0: Progress Report

IMCW has been engaging in a deep visioning process (read more here) with the intention of discovering how our community might grow and change over the next 5-10 years to support the aspiration of collective awakening. 

Over the past several months, the IMCW Visioning Team conducted 46 focus groups with an estimated 165 participants associated with IMCW’s many classes, activities, groups, affinity sanghas, and other offerings and communities. Thanks so much to all of you who have lent your voice to articulating what IMCW can become!

We entered the next phase of the visioning process in September, forming a team of new and existing volunteers from the IMCW community, to mine the rich depth of information gathered in the focus groups. We developed a community-wide survey with themes for IMCW’s future, which was sent to you recently. For example, a longing for spiritual community was the most frequently discussed desire by focus group participants.  This is an opportunity for everyone, especially those of you who did not participate in a focus group, to have your voice heard. We are grateful for those who participated, and hope that if you have not done so yet, that you will click on the link below and complete the survey

Later this month the IMCW Visioning team of volunteers will hold a visioning work retreat, exploring the information gathered from our focus groups and survey, and from interviews conducted with organizations across the U.S. and donors to IMCW. We will imagine IMCW’s future to guide the Interim Executive Director, Trisha Stotler, IMCW staff, members of the IMCW board and the teacher collective, who will help make this vision a reality.

We are  grateful for everyone’s work to make this visioning process happen and excited to hold with you what emerges!

For more information, contact the Visioning team at, and see our visioning fact sheet.


It is the mission of IMCW/The Insight Meditation Community of Washington is to support the awakening of hearts and minds through the direct experience of the Buddhist path, and the integration and manifestation of wisdom and compassion in all aspects of life, for the benefit of all beings.

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