Invitation to Define IMCW’s Future Vision & Our Collective Awakening: Class Focus Groups

Are you interested in sharing your perspectives and experiences as we envision IMCW’s future? Join us for a focus group session! IMCW is engaging in a deep visioning process aimed at how IMCW might grow and change over the next 5–10 years in order to better support the aspiration of collective awakening. You can read more about the IMCW visioning process here

Below is a list of classes/groups and the teachers/leaders where we will be holding focus groups in September. Drop-ins are welcome. 

You can also contact the teacher/leader by visiting the IMCW class page.

Stephens City, VA (Shell Fisher)

Ellicott City Wednesdays (Stan Eisenstien)

Downtown Dharma Sundays - Logan Circle/Flow Yoga (Linda Naini)

Takoma Park Sundays (Catherine Brousseau)

Treasure Hunt - Center for Mindful Living (Elena Baylis)

Singles sangha - Center for Mindful Living (Steve Zappalla)

Vegan sangha (Alli Aborgast)

Young Adult sangha (Luana Long)

Sutta Study Group (Catherine Brousseau)

Are you an IMCW community member who identifies as POC, LGBTIQ, and/or an IMCW community member who aspires to be an IMCW teacher? To participate in these specific focus groups please visit IMCW’s online calendar here and select “Vision 2.0 Events” from the “search by category option.” Please register as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the visioning team at, and see our visioning fact sheet.

It is the mission of IMCW/The Insight Meditation Community of Washington is to support the awakening of hearts and minds through the direct experience of the Buddhist path, and the integration and manifestation of wisdom and compassion in all aspects of life, for the benefit of all beings.

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