Special series with Tara Brach: Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom I & II

Wednesdays, October 3 and 17

River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bethesda, MD

Tara Brach invites you to a special, 2-part series, Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom I and II.

The Buddha said “I would not be teaching this (a path of awakening) if genuine happiness and freedom were not possible.”  While this is our potential, we each have deep conditioning to get stuck in feelings of fear, deficiency and separation from others. These talks explore the two interdependent pathways of undoing the conditioning that blocks our potential. In Part I we will look at how we can intentionally arouse states of wellbeing, and with practice, develop them into ongoing traits that bring presence and joy to our lives. In Part II, we will investigate how to cultivate an unconditional presence, and the radical acceptance and love, that are the grounds of true happiness and inner freedom.

We hope to see you there.

It is the mission of IMCW is to support the awakening of hearts and minds through the direct experience of the Buddhist path, and the integration and manifestation of wisdom and compassion in all aspects of life, for the benefit of all beings.

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