You are invited to a mindful New Year's Eve


We are holding a first-ever (free!) New Year’s Eve event with the sangha at the Center for Mindful Living (CML) to complete the year 2019 and mindfully bring in 2020 together. There will be a room for mindful connection and a room just for silence. It is fine to stop by for a bit or stay the whole evening. Participants can go back and forth between the two rooms.

All are welcome -- whether you have attended any class or gathering at the Center or any IMCW group or class. Family and friends are welcome as well.

The Meditation (front) room will be held in quiet/stillness for meditation, and the Dharma (back, bigger) room for group activities, including eating (please bring potluck to share if you are so moved), meditating, movement and sharing.

A detailed schedule is coming soon -- keep an eye out at the calendar listing on IMCW's Center for Mindful Living website.

If you have any questions about the New Years event or want to help please email CML at

A New Year’s Day open house event is also being planned at the CML.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Many blessings and in gratitude,

Steve Zappalla

Sharon Bauer

Christine Lauderbach

It is the mission of IMCW/The Insight Meditation Community of Washington is to support the awakening of hearts and minds through the direct experience of the Buddhist path, and the integration and manifestation of wisdom and compassion in all aspects of life, for the benefit of all beings.

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