Half-day: Mini Retreat from Stress

Half-day: Mini Retreat from Stress

Jon Waterman Dream Yoga Studio

Jon Waterman

3/12/2017 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Dream Yoga Studio, (1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 104, McLean, VA, 22101) (Map It)

This workshop is open to all, from beginners to long-time meditators and will be an opportunity for you to extend you practice over a few hours. Designed to be relaxing and restorative, there will be instruction and practice in sitting, walking, reclining & gentle mindful movement postures. 

IMCW Retreats and Workshops

IMCW retreats and workshops offer instruction in Buddhist meditation and talks on the awakening of our natural insight, love and wisdom. While the meditation practices derive from the Buddhist tradition, they are universal in orientation and address spiritual themes of concern to all contemplative traditions.

A workshop is not primarily silent (talking may be allowed during breaks and lunch) and may be focused on a special topic, such as applying meditation to relationships, emotional healing or physical well-being. Workshops may include a variety of formats, including different reflections and exercises and the sharing of experiences.

Retreat manager: Jon Waterman


Registration Information

Register at Dream Yoga Studio.

Fee: $45 on or before March 12. $60 after March 12.


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