Young Adult Sangha

Young Adult Sangha

Guest Teacher(s) Lamont Dharma House

Guest Teacher(s)

7/15/2017 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at Lamont Dharma House, (1719 Lamont St., NW, Washington, DC, 20010) (Map It)

Facilitators: Ashleigh Enriquez, Amy Ouellette, and Hannah Baumgardner

Young Adult SanghaYoung adults (ages 19-39) in the IMCW community and other mindfulness-based communities in the greater DC area gather monthly on 3rd Saturdays for an afternoon of meditation practice, mindful communication, discussion, and tea.

Aspirations for the Young Adult Sangha:

  • Create a space where young adults in the DC area can share challenges and solutions in their meditation practice and in life with each other
  • Practice holding space for ourselves and each other through mindful dialogue and stillness
  • Be a conscious community that is open to listening from the heart, speaking from the heart, and deeply being with each other

Insight meditation cultivates our natural wisdom and compassion. Meditation practice develops concentration, which allows us to calm and steady the mind.

No registration is necessary.

Newcomers to meditation and long time practitioners are welcome to attend IMCW classes. Chairs are always provided or you may bring your sitting gear. This event is offered freely; there will be an opportunity to offer dana (a donation) at the class.

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