Year of Engaged Dharma

Year of Engaged Dharma

Lamont Dharma House Hugh Byrne Kaira Jewel Lingo

Hugh Byrne and Kaira Jewel Lingo

9/24/2017 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM at Lamont Dharma House, (1719 Lamont St., NW, Washington, DC, 20010) (Map It)

September 2017-September 2018


Program Dates

2017: September 24 (2-5 p.m.), October 22, November 19, December 10.

2018: January 7, February 11, March 18, April 15, May 20, June 24, July 15 (last class). No August class. September 23 Potluck; 1-4 p.m.

We anticipate holding classes monthly on Sundays from 3-5 p.m. The hours may adjust to allow more time for practice or potlucks. For example, the first and last classes are for longer periods of time and at different hours.

The deadline for online applications has been extended. It will close at midnight on September 3.


IMCW is organizing a yearlong group to explore and practice bringing Dharma teachings and practices into engagement in the world at this challenging time—when cherished rights and freedoms are under threat and vulnerable individuals and communities are under attack.

This is an opportunity for a group of about 40 participants to support each other in bringing the "inner" practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, wise speech and action and other teachings and practices into active engagement to help alleviate suffering. People of color, LGBTIQ, and people of other historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Meeting and working together as a group will help build resilience for the long haul, support us all in our individual engagement and provide opportunities for joint action on projects of shared interest—whether we are working to aid vulnerable individuals or communities threatened with exclusion or deportation; working for racial justice, civil and human rights, or preserving a livable biosphere; or learning to have difficult conversations with family members across the political divide.

The group will meet monthly sharing experiences and exploring how our spiritual practice can support us in engaging wisely, compassionately, and effectively in the world.

The program was launched in Spring 2017. However, we delayed the program start date to September to help us bring our 'inner' practices more fully into engagement in the world, while working to ensure the program itself is inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Specifically, we are engaging with teachers of color as an integral part of the program; supporting members of non-dominant groups to participate; and making the program relevant, accessible, and inclusive.

Teachers: Hugh Byrne and Kaira Jewel Lingo will be the co-lead teachers for the program, working closely with guest teachers and organizers associated with the Lamont Dharma House.

Program Manager: Kathleen “Kaughtlane” Gless



Program cost: 

$300 (Base price, sliding scale)

$400 (Supporter, sliding scale--your registration at the higher rate helps us to make the course affordable for those with limited financial means.)

The fee is payable following registration/application and acceptance into the program.

Limited Space: In our effort to support members of non-dominant groups and make the program relevant, accessible, and inclusive, priority is for applicants who identify as People of color and LGBTIQ. While we are not wheelchair accessible, please contact the program manager (see below) to see what we can do to make the program accessible to you.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available. To apply, please answer the scholarship questions in the application. You can also direct a donation to the scholarship fund on the registration form. Please apply early as funds are limited.

Refund policy: Refunds are available until after the first meeting of this program; $35 of the registration fee is non-refundable. If you contact the manager, the balance of your registration will be refunded. Issuing a refund check may take 2-4 weeks. If you cancel after the second session of the program, your full payment is forfeited.

Late Application: Online applications will close at midnight on September 3. To request late registration, please email the program manager to check if there are still openings.

Questions? Please contact the Program Manager, Kathleen “Kaughtlane” Gless.


Yearlong course, $300 base price (No payment until accepted into the program):$0.00
Yearlong course, $400 supporter (No payment until accepted into the program):$0.00

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