Residential: Waking Up Fabulous (LGBTIQ)

Residential: Waking Up Fabulous (LGBTIQ)

Garrison Institute La Sarmiento Maddy Klyne

La Sarmiento and Maddy Klyne

4/5/2018 - 4/8/2018 at Garrison Institute, (14 Mary's Way, Route 9D, Garrison, NY, 10524) (Map It)

Waking Up Fabulous: Taking Refuge in Every Moment, Every Day, for the Benefit of All/ LGBTIQ Residential

Thursday, April 5-Sunday, April 8

Open to all who identify as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, or Queer

In challenging times, taking refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha can help us meet the hardships of life.  Never has this felt more important for LGBTIQ folks and our world! During this silent retreat, we will explore and practice the blessing of each of these Refuges.

Taking refuge in the Buddha, we reflect on the inspiration of the Buddha’s life, turning towards our own innate goodness as well as that of others. We align our lives with the possibility of alleviating suffering and cultivating true happiness. We commit ourselves to Awakening, the remembrance of our true and beautiful nature. 

Taking refuge in the Dharma, we reflect on the Buddha’s teachings and practices that cultivate wisdom, compassion and skillful action; our spiritual endeavors are dedicated to the liberation of all beings from suffering that we might all live lives of understanding, kindness and love.  We walk the path of awakening in life, resolving to live in accordance with what is true. 

Taking refuge in the Sangha, we reflect on the power of community to remember that we are not alone; that together we begin the healing of centuries of oppression and trauma within a deep knowing of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings and all things.

Taking refuge, we learn to trust the unfolding of our lives and act for the benefit of all beings. We discover that our happiness, sorrow and awakening are interconnected with others.

On this retreat, as LGBTIQ people, we come together in practice and Refuge, turning towards that which truly matters in our lives, for the highest good of all. Hope you can join us.

Accessibility: This venue is accesible. There is a handicapped entrance and there are accessible rooms available. There is not a working elevator, but most retreat programs occur on the first floor, and there is a ramp we can bring out to accommodate the steps down to the dining hall. Handicapped people who wish to attend a retreat should call Carling Devin to reserve the first-floor rooms. (Tel: 845.424.4800, ex 106)

Teachers: La Sarmiento, Maddy Klyne, Gavin Harrison, Jacoby Ballard 


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