Cultivating Kindness in Daily Life: 2-Part Series

Cultivating Kindness in Daily Life: 2-Part Series

Vicki Goodman Washington Yoga Center

Vicki Goodman

6/3/2018 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM at Washington Yoga Center, (4000 Albermarle St., NW, #100, Washington, DC, 20016) (Map It)

Cultivating Kindness in Daily Life: 2-Part Workshop

Sundays, June 3 & 10

How do we develop more kindness, compassion and friendship in our lives?

Loving kindness opens the vastness of the mind and heart, which is ultimately our greatest protection. It helps us cope with fear and other forms of suffering. Living with kindness and in friendship is essential for our survival. Practicing kindness can be intentionally cultivated through mindfulness practices. Once cultivated we can feel more alive and connected to others and, to ourselves.

In this 2-part class workshop you will learn specific techniques to train the mind and heart toward a greater kindness and compassion. We will start with cultivating more kindness toward ourselves and then move outwards, widening the circle of care and friendliness.

Series manager: Vicki Goodman

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This series is co-sponsored by the Washington Yoga Center.


2-day series:$45.00

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