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Workshop: Mindful Communication in Challenging Times
with Bill Mies
4/7/2018 10:00 AM  -  2:00 PM
at IMCW Center for Mindful Living (Washington)
In this communications workshop we will explore and experiment with finding a wise path through difficult conversations. We will cultivate the qualities and insights inherent in human nature that encourage mutual understanding, empathy, intimacy, and meaningful communication.
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Daylong/Half-day: Radiance in the Ruins
with Larissa Kitenko
4/14/2018 9:00 AM  -  4:00 PM
at Third Haven Friends Meeting House (Eastern Shore) (Easton)
Stress and life’s challenges are worthy of respect. No matter how much we try to push them away, they keep coming back. This day of practice will include direction in mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions and thoughts as a way of exploring our stress and suffering.
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Daylong/Half-day: Embodiment Workshop
with Stan Eisenstein
4/14/2018 9:30 AM  -  4:30 PM
at IMCW Center for Mindful Living (Washington)
In this workshop participants will engage in a number of experiences designed to help them come home into their bodies more and to start to tap into the wisdom of the body. The program will include a mix of embodiment meditations, exercises, gentle mindful movement, and discussion.
Daylong: A Day of Renewal
with Hugh Byrne and Rebecca Hines
4/21/2018 9:30 AM  -  4:00 PM
at St. Luke's Episcopal (Bethesda)
Join us for a day of immersion in practices of awareness and compassion to renew connection with yourself, nature, and life. The day will consist of guided meditations including sitting, body scan, walking and loving-kindness meditations, gentle movement, and time for connecting. 
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Daylong: Cooling the Flames of Anger
with Shell Fischer
4/21/2018 9:30 AM  -  4:30 PM
at Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah (Stephens City)
During this silent meditation retreat, we’ll be exploring how we can work with our minds, bodies, and hearts to help us cool the flames of anger within us, and cultivate more patience, kindness, joy, and ease.
Half-Day: Intimacy with the Heart (MSC grads)
with Jennifer Stanley and Jeff Rosenberg
4/28/2018 1:00 PM  -  5:00 PM
at IMCW Center for Mindful Living (Washington)
If you’ve completed an eight-week Mindful Self-Compassion series or an intensive with any MSC certified or trained teacher, you’re invited to come practice mindful self-compassion with other graduates. For this retreat we will emphasize forgiveness practice along with other MSC meditations.
Daylong: Finding Freedom in Daily Life
with Hugh Byrne
5/5/2018 9:30 AM  -  4:00 PM
at St. Luke's Episcopal (Bethesda)
Join IMCW guiding teacher Hugh Byrne, PhD, and learn how to use to mindfulness skills and practices to bring habitual behaviors and thought patterns into awareness, where they can be transformed.
Half-day Mindfulness Mini-Retreat
with Linda Naini
5/6/2018 2:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
at Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard (Frederick)
Slow down, awaken your senses, and come home to this body, breath, heart, and natural world around you through mindfulness meditation practices. This afternoon will include guided sitting, walking, and lying-down meditations, mindful sharing, and movement practices in the rolling hills of Frederick, Maryland.
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Spring Sugarloaf Walk Daylong
with Ellen Tynan and James Foulkes
5/13/2018 9:00 AM  -  3:00 PM
at Sugarloaf Mountain (Dickerson)
Come celebrate our original Mother on Mother's Day! Bring your mom! Bring yourself! Spring is here and the Earth is awake! Let’s wake up with her.
Daylong: Meditation & Intuition
with Jonathan Foust
5/19/2018 9:30 AM  -  4:00 PM
at St. Luke's Episcopal (Bethesda)
In order to climb out of any rut, resolve any problem or sense your path from a new perspective, you have to shift your awareness. This retreat helps this awakening.
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