Becoming an IMCW Mentor

Mentors support the deepening of meditation practice for new and more experienced meditators, and through mentoring relationships, enhance our experience of spiritual community.


As a mentor, you will be expected to:

  • ask strategic questions
  • be a skillful listener
  • share the wisdom of your past experience
  • offer productive feedback
  • collaborate in designing a daily meditation practice for your mentee

During your first meeting with your mentee you will review your Mentoring Agreement. You’ll review your mentee’s goals and decide how often you’ll meet, where and for how long. This is an excellent way start your relationship. 


If you are interested in becoming an IMCW Meditation Practice Mentor, you must meet the preliminary criteria:

  • valuing Buddhist Vipassana (insight) meditation
  • an interest in helping others on the path
  • a daily sitting meditation practice for the past two years, minimum
  • completion of at least one residential retreat or five daylong retreats in the past two years


If you meet the preliminary criteria above, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator.