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Early encouragement for my spiritual exploration from the Episcopal church and my grandmother led me home to the dharma. Initially learning in the Tibetan tradition and since 2004 with Vipassana through IMCW, the practice continues to open me deeply. Practice is on and off the cushion -- with family and friends, at work, with total strangers. My regular sangha is Monday nights with Jonathan Foust at UUCA and two KM groups. I've completed numerous weekend, half-day and daylong retreats, a week long, and the Year of Living Mindfully (2016), all with IMCW, as well as other retreats and training, including in the Tibetan tradition. Practice has slowly and surely become both the core of my life and sangha is my tribe. When I first discovered IMCW, I also found a mentor who was so helpful to me in developing my practice and trust this may also be of benefit to others.

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Originally from Perú, Lorena has been exposed from a very young age to diverse spiritual and alternative natural ways of interconnection towards self-healing and self-empowerment. She was drawn to the practice of Vipassana meditation through her studies as yoga educator which began around 2005. She has been sharing her passion for holistic and integrated health as a movement therapist, yoga educator, mindfulness coach and keeper of Peruvian shamanic wisdom for nearly two decades. Over the years she explored various forms of meditation and received training in multiple modalities with teachers including Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat Zinn, Jonathan Foust and many others. In 2020, Lorena completed the “Year of Living Mindfully”. She is an active member of IMCW and, co-facilitates Tara’s post talk discussion group (aka mindful dialogue) and KM groups.

Presently, most of her work is based on spreading mindfulness resources in Spanish. She has a small practice that allows her to work with individual cases, small groups, and write educational articles. Lorena’s primary focus and mission is to mentor and support others' paths, especially those recovering from traumatic events associated with assimilation and immigration journeys.

Lorena lives in the Washington DC area with her husband, a recently retired US Navy officer and embraces the challenges of an unpredictable lifestyle.

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I have been a practicing Vipassana/Insight meditation since 2011 and have experienced its healing properties first hand as I have navigated through some of my life’s greatest challenges. I work in the addiction treatment field and, as a recovering addict, have found a daily meditation practice to be a remarkable support in this area. I took advantage of this mentoring program a couple of years into my journey and found it very helpful in moving beyond some of the blocks that I felt were keeping me stuck.

My primary teachers are Tara Brach and Jonathan Foust, although I am deeply influenced in some way or another by nearly every teacher that I encounter. I am also a firm believer that every single moment holds a profound teaching for us if our hearts are open and ready to receive it. have completed several daylong, weekend, and 7 day silent retreats and workshops with IMCW and am also a member and co-facilitator of IMCW’s pilot virtual Kalyana Mitta/Spiritual Friends group.

It is my deep aspiration help others grow on their own path as an expression of the gratitude that I feel to those that have so freely given that to me.

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Affinity Group 12 Step. Deepening interest in bodywork, mindfulness through cooking, baking, dharma: 50+ years; Shaolin Kung Fu, Iyengar Yoga: 17 years; Vipassana & Metta: 4 years; Retreats: 20+ shorter retreats; Year of Living Mindfully 2009-10; seven day: IMCW Spring, New Year; Spirit Rock Emptiness Study Retreat; careers: Diversity, Technology, Science and Art Teaching, Painting. I have one child.

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I have been a meditation practitioner and a student of Buddhist psychology for more than 15 years and was a professor at Loyola University Maryland for 31 years. I enjoy learning from my Buddhist teachers, attending workshops and retreats and engaging in learning with interested others.

I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. A psychologist and certified mindfulness meditation teacher, I bring mindfulness to my clinical work and teaching and enjoy walking with others along the path to awakening.

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Mindfulness and a daily meditation practice help open me to the everyday joys and challenges of the life inside and around me. They lessen my grip on the habits that cause suffering. When difficulty arises, pausing, touching into how my body feels in the moment, and offering self-compassion can bring me comfort and even wisdom. Unless I forget. Then I barge through my day, react to everything, and ignore what’s really going on. Greater suffering results, usually involving some species of self-blame. Pausing – even for an instant - is the key.    

I would be happy to help you nourish habits of pausing and letting go into compassion. Some of the things that help me are daily practice, residential retreats, and sangha, including my twelve-step community. 

By way of background, after years of practicing law I turned to teaching meditation. In February 2021, I graduated from the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program taught by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. I regularly teach classes on mindfulness, and am a teacher in training at the Center for Mindful Living, a project of IMCW. I also teach meditation to incarcerated individuals, returning citizens and others whom we have marginalized.      

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Two adult daughters, Male. I began meditating and studying the dharma as a result of intense emotional and chronic physical pain. I started attending IMCW and day-long, weekend, five-day, and week-long, two-week retreats there, at Omega Institute, and The Barre Center for Buddhist Studies with Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Leigh Brasington, Bhikkhu Anālayo, and others. I participated in YLM program twice. I completed the two-year training in The Committed Practitioners Programme (CPP) from Bodhi College in England that was taught by Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, and Akincano M. Weber.

I am an avowed Secular Buddhist with an interest in Early Buddhism and the suttas.

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Rachel began formally meditating with the IMCW community in 2012 but had interest in mindfulness meditation for almost a decade prior. She has been on several week-long (and longer)  retreats and has experience navigating the myriad number of challenges encountered during a sit. She has participated in a deeper structured practice through Jonathan Foust's Year of Living Mindfully for 2 consecutive years and an active member of KM (spiritual friends) sitting groups. Since 2016, she's been leading a secular mindfulness meditation class at her job and is a meditation instructor to incarcerated adults through IMCW's Insight on Inside (IOI). Her other practices have included long distance running, hiking, and breathwork. 

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My practice of vipassana meditation over the last 12 years has grounded and strengthened me in some of my roughest moments and has kept me alive and present in some of my most precious moments. As a yoga teacher, I infuse mindful based practices in my classes. I have practiced meditation and yoga in India and have participated in numerous residential silent retreats.

I am a grateful student of local teachers including Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, and Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. Other teachers to whom I am grateful include Ṭhanissaro Bhikkhu, Leigh Brasington, Joseph Goldstein, Ajahn Sucitto and many more.  

I have severed in various roles within IMCW, including as a member on the Board of Directors and formally volunteering during the IMCW’s Wednesday night meditation class in Bethesda, MD.  I have also both participated and served as a mentor in Jonathan Foust’s “Year of Living Mindfully” program. I am currently enrolled in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, an offering from Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

I work full time in public health policy for the Federal government and my real job is mothering my young son, who also just happens to the best teacher I’ve ever had. (Pronouns: she/her)

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Michael has been practicing mindfulness and mediation for almost 13 years and is a graduate of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Training Program taught by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Michael has led the discussion group that meets online after Tara Brach’s weekly class. He has been a mentor through IMCW since 2016 and is currently studying to be mindfulness based certified life coach.  

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I began meditating in 2015 as a way to alleviate my depression and anxiety. Meditation, the Dharma and the Sangha have become foundations of my life. Mindfulness has taught me how to slow down, to not hold things too tight or too loose, and to truly be in-tune with my body. The ability to have present moment awareness, wisdom, compassion, and the courage to hold these felt-sense feelings can be transformational and liberating. Now, I can better experience all emotions (fear, hatred, greed, delusion, attachment, guilt, grief, jealousy, elation, compassion, sympathetic joy and equinimity). Relationships with my friends, coworkers, loved ones and family are more authentic and alive.

I am a certified mindfulness meditation teacher by Jack Kornfield's and Tara Brach's MMTCP. I am the owner of the Frederick Meditation Center. I teach a daily midday meditation class during the week, and a Friday Night Heart Practices class. I host a Dharma Book Club twice a month.

I have taught workshops on: Joy, Death, Gratitude, Building Blocks for Transformation, RAIN, Mindful Dialogue and the annual New Year's Day Reflections and Intentions Workshop. I was a mentor in Jonathan Foust's Year of Living Mindfully Program. 

I regularly attend Jonathan Foust’s Monday night dharma talk in Arlington and Tara Brach’s Wednesday dharma talk in Bethesda. I co-facilitate Jonathan’s post talk Discussion Group (aka Mindful Dialogue). I co-host a KM (Kalyana Mitta) Group in Frederick. I have taken advanced courses with Tara and Jack Kornfied. I have attended day long workshops taught by Tara, Jonathan, Hugh Byrne, Sharon Salzburg and Stan Eisenstein. I am also a huge fan of Dharma Punx Josh Korda, and I also like Andrea Fella and Jill Sheperd.

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I am a 67 year old male. I’m married with two children and retired. I’ve been training and practicing for over 30 years. My practice has been consistent since 2004. I believe through understanding what the Buddha taught and developing a meditation practice life’s challenges can be overcome more easily. Keeping the Dharma in mind throughout the day is very useful and supports our time in formal meditation and formal meditation time helps us move through the day with skill. I look forward to sharing the Dharma and my practice.

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I’ve been meditating for 30 years but attended my first Wednesday night class with Tara Brach just seven years ago. I didn’t know what to expect, but quickly discovered Insight/Vipassana meditation to offer a path toward self-knowledge, freedom, and peace. I dove in with both feet and have participated in many IMCW day-long and residential retreats, and in Jonathan Foust’s Year of Living Mindfully. I’m also a member of the Germantown/Kensington KM group and the Contemplative Law Group. I’ve seen first-hand the transformative potential of meditation for my relationships, my work, and my outlook on life. After many hours on the cushion and listening to dharma talks, I’ve decided it’s time to give back, and hope in mentoring to provide encouragement and support to others, particularly those just starting out.

When I’m not meditating or spending time with my wife, teenage kids, and dog, I’m a civil rights lawyer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Choose Tim
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I’m blessed to feel happy and content most of the time. I attribute these treasured accomplishments to over 10 years in engaged 12-step recovery and approximately eight years of Vipassana practice and exposure to Buddhist teachings, primarily from Tara Brach. I’ve attended approximately two week-long retreats a year for the past five years. These retreats have been an unexpected vehicle for spiritual growth and emotional healing. I also value a spiritual friends group of like-minded travelers, which has met together for over five years. 

If you want what I have, then I can show you how to do what I do. I’ve sponsored numerous men in recovery. My particulars are that I’m 58, a father and grandfather, and a long-time government employee.

Choose Roy
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I came to meditation desperate to find relief from lifelong struggles with anxiety, shame, self-hatred, perfectionism and over-achieving. I sat my first meditation retreat with Tara in 1994. At my first four-week retreat, in 2003, I experienced being completely at peace for the first time in my life.

My practice continues to evolve and yield fruits of gratitude, joy and connection beyond what I ever imagined possible. I resonate especially with the heart practices, am drawn to the teachings of mystics of all faith traditions, and have strong ties to Quakerism and the 12 Steps.

Choose Christine
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I have had a daily meditation practice since 2003. I have gone on many weeklong silent retreats. I love metta practice, and I resonate to cultivating happiness in my practice and in my daily life. I have studied qi gong and yoga as well. I resonate strongly with the teaching that it is possible to accept everything the way it is, and this acceptance allows us to change. Meditation brings me peace, joy, and a sense of loving community. I have one son.

Choose Geoff
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I've been meditating (Vipassana/insight) since 1998, and originally started with Lynn Kelly and Luisa Montero (IMCW Takoma Park Sunday night class) as my teachers. I'm in the Sutta study group (how to live the teachings of the Buddha in my life), and my favorite book is The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. Have done retreats at Bhavana and look forward to going to IMS. 

About me: married, two sons, one with special needs, had one year of health crisis (broken vertebrae/ back, 3 surgeries). I love supporting people in creating connections with the sacred/Dhamma in their life.

Choose Rose
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I began meditating in 1984, regularly meditating in 1991 and meditating nearly daily since 2004. I’ve studied with Anh- Houng, Deepak Chopra, David Nowe, Tara Brach and many others, including with Jonathan Foust when I participated in Year of Living Mindfully in 2015. I practice insight meditation, sometimes use guided meditations and mantra meditation, and have also used dynamic meditation and chanting as a way to connect and become more present in this here now. I’ve attended many weekend and numerous week long silent retreats, dozens of programs and workshops, and I have also studied in India.

My practice has led to greater centeredness, peace, compassion (including self-compassion), curiosity and to what seems like a grounded groundlessness, an openness to the mystery of life and love. I have three adult children (one a daughter-in-law) and many interests, including NVC (I host a practice group) yoga, dance, shadow work, connecting with friends, the Enneagram, arts and culture, and, top of the list, spiritual and personal growth. Finally, I am a Reiki master.

Choose Vicki
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I have been meditating for a number of years and am currently teaching meditation/mindfulness at jails and elsewhere. I have participated in weeklong silent meditation retreats and the year of living mindfully, a year-long group program of strong meditation and mindfulness living. Helping others in their practices is something I feel grateful to be able to try to do. I am a retired attorney and civil and family law mediator.

Choose Robert
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I'm happy to work with anyone, anywhere by phone. 

My strongest interest in meditation is how to apply it "off the cushion." How can we draw upon our practice during the majority of each day, when we are not formally meditating? And when we are formally meditating, how can we best develop a practice that truly supports us through the rest of our time? These questions deeply engage me personally. They also filter into my work as a leadership and ADHD coach, mentor coach and yoga teacher.

Humor and balance are important touchstones for me personally and professionally. Since 2009, I have been facilitating a women’s “Joy” group that meets monthly in Arlington, Virginia. It is based on the "Awakening Joy" online course and book authored by James Baraz, a teacher at the Spirit Rock meditation center.

Some of my favorite activities (besides meditating and IMCW mentoring, of course!) include painting, dancing, swimming and travel overseas.

Choose Faith
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As a dedicated Practioner for over 30 years, I was part of the initial training program for mentors with IMCW. Over the years I have lovingly and gratefully mentored many folks. I am a retired psychotherapist, and have done many silent retreats including one month long at Forest Refuge. I have just finished an in depth study of the Four Noble Truths with insight meditation of Charlottesville Va. Soon to be living in Massachusetts from Costa Rica for past years I do sessions by ZOOM. Personally I am the great grandmother of seven, love writing, nature and the dharma.

Choose Judith
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I learned about meditation in 2007 while trying to uncover the reasons for ongoing medical complaints which I soon discovered originated in repressed emotions. Meditation and mindfulness helped me gradually overcome those problems. I was guided by the writings of Tara Brach and Jon Kabat-Zinn, began attending retreats, workshops, and an MBSR course, and joined several Spiritual Friends’ groups. I settled into a daily practice in 2013.  I went through Jonathan Foust’s Year of Living Mindfully both as a participant and as a mentor during which I was introduced to Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing technique. I have found Focusing transformative and it is a regular and essential part of my life. I am currently a member of Insight on the Inside, teaching mindfulness and meditation and serving on its committees. I support and participate in the Year of Living Mindfully X sangha, YLMx's Focusing Salon, and two Spiritual Friends groups. I find it rewarding to have a supportive one-on-one friendship with fellow meditators through IMCW's mentoring program. I am most interested in how meditation and mindfulness support my daily life.

Choose Julie
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I first became interested in Buddhism in 1990, listening to tapes by Jack Kornfield.  Since then, I've developed a regular sitting practice including vipassana, metta and tonglen. I began to sit retreats in 1998. 

Since 2000, my primary teacher has been Tara Brach. I'm also deeply influenced by Pema Chodron and Ken McLeod, and inspired by Suzuki Roshi, Tenzin Palmo and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I'm drawn to the relaxed style of vipassana taught by Sayadaw U Tejaniya and to Tara’s RAIN practice. 

I think that each of us needs to find a way of practice that works for us -- a journey that can often be quite personal and idiosyncratic. Illuminating this idea, a favorite quote, by Lama Yeshe: "Whether we sit with our arms folded this way and our legs crossed that way is of little consequence. But is extremely important to check and see if whatever meditation we do is an actual remedy for our suffering" 

I’m available by phone or Zoom. Currently because of time constraints I’m only available for practice consultations and occasional follow-up consultations; not for weekly or monthly sessions.

Choose Richard
Accepting new mentees

I have practiced Vipassana meditation since 2010, building on more than two decades of yoga practice and more than three decades of Jungian-influenced psychotherapy. I am a student of body-centered inquiry (including Focusing and Intensive Breathwork with Jonathan Foust). I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (500 hours, Engaged Mindfulness Institute) and a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

I helped found IMCW's True Refuge Companion Program, which pairs trained meditators with those experiencing difficulty with illness, aging, or facing death. True Refuge Companions also work with caregivers and family members.

My personal practice is deeply influenced by Analayo's "Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization," and four of my favorite books are "Small Boat, Great Mountain" by Amaro Bhikkhu, "No Self No Problem," by Anam Thubten, Joseph Goldstein's "One Dharma," and "The Trauma of Everyday Life," by Dr. Mark Epstein. I participated in Jonathan's Year of Living Mindfully (2011-12), and teach yoga (RYS-200) and meditation classes for women at Rikers Island, the jail in New York City. I'm married with an adult son.

Choose Jill
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I feel so grateful, as a recent graduate of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindful Meditation Teacher Certification Program, to share my learning with you. Whether you are beginning your meditation journey or hoping to deepen your practice, we’ll explore working with thoughts, emotions and external realities to gain greater understanding of and compassion toward yourself and others whether co-workers, family, or friends. A gentle approach combined with humor, inquiry and text is used to enliven this opportunity and experience. Mentoring draws from 30 years of meditative practice and the gifts of many teachers including Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Khenmo Drolma, John Kabat-Zinn, Leigh Brasington, Jonathan Foust and Tara Brach.

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