Becoming a True Refuge Companion


As a True Refuge Companion, you will be expected to:

  • hold loving presence
  • be a skillful listener
  • keep time and perhaps guide meditation sessions
  • suggest relevant readings, podcasts or other meditation resources

During your first meeting with your IMCW community member you will review your True Refuge Companion Agreement. You’ll review your goals, how often you’ll meet, where and for how long. This is an excellent way to start your relationship.


If you are interested in becoming a True Refuge Companion, you must meet the preliminary criteria:

  • valuing Buddhist Vipassana (insight) meditation
  • an interest in helping others on the path
  • a regular sitting meditation practice for the past two years, minimum
  • completion of IMCW’s eight-month course, Sacred Journey: Being With Aging, Illness and Death, or similar course
  • completion of weekend intensive True Refuge Companion training


If you meet the preliminary criteria above, take the steps below:

Step 1: Contact Mary Aubry or Susan Akers, provide your qualifications for becoming a True Refuge Companion, and ask for a letter of recommendation.

Step 2: Contact Jill Drew.