Dharma Talks and Guided Meditations

The weekly talks I stream are the most important source of learning in my life other than life itself.

 ~ Sangha member 2010

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03-03-2021 The Power of Deep Listening Tara Brach Virtual
03-01-2021 Seek to Truly Understand Jonathan Foust Virtual
02-24-2021 Namaste (Seeing the Truth of Who We Are) Tara Brach Virtual
02-22-2021 Renounce What Does Not Serve You Jonathan Foust The Ten Perfections Virtual
02-21-2021 Sunday Morning Class Hugh Byrne Virtual
02-17-2021 Awakening our Body's Awareness, Part 2 Tara Brach Virtual
02-10-2021 The Superpower of Mindful Witnessing Tara Brach Virtual
02-08-2021 Be Virtuous Jonathan Foust The Ten Perfections Virtual
02-08-2021 Don’t Associate With Fools Shell Fischer Virtual
02-07-2021 Cultivating Attitudes of Heart and Mind: Acceptance, Kindness, and Curiosity Hugh Byrne Virtual
02-06-2021 Mindfulness of the Four Noble Truths, Part 1 - Comprehending Dukkha Carl Skooglund Virtual
02-03-2021 A Peaceful Heart Rick Hanson Virtual
02-01-2021 A Generous Heart (Jonathan) Jonathan Foust The Ten Perfections Virtual
01-31-2021 The Power of Attention: Cultivating Compassionate Awareness Hugh Byrne Virtual
01-28-2021 Simple Continuity | Guided Meditation Vicki Goodman Virtual
01-27-2021 Spiritual Hope Tara Brach Virtual
01-25-2021 This May be the Most Important Thing: Your House is on Fire! Jonathan Foust Virtual
01-24-2021 Healing Ourselves and Our World Hugh Byrne Virtual
01-24-2021 Heartfelt Appreciation of Body, Heart, and Mind | Guided Meditation Rob Creekmore Virtual
01-23-2021 Awakening to Our Deepest Potential Through the Enneagram and the Dharma Rob Creekmore Virtual