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Lama Rod Owens

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Love and Fear During Times of War (ASL interpreted)

An Interview with Rod Owens by Tara Brach: Love and Fear During Times of War

This event is American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted.

The world is having a difficult moment. Each day we learn of a different conflict or crisis, which threatens the lives of so many people. It is easy to live with a lot of fear right now and it is even easier to react out of that fear as well. When we react out of fear we tend to create much more harm in the world.

This is a time of darkness and war and fear that lies at the heart of much of the violence we are experiencing. How do we befriend our fear and offer it permission to teach us how to move through it into a state of freedom? How do we use our fear to connect to the fear so many other people are experiencing? Ultimately, how do we begin to love what is unlovable, especially our fear?

During our time together, we will call on the teachings of Buddhadharma as well as our own intrinsic wisdom to lean into our fear with love.

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