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Joe Bobrow

River Road Unitarian
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Waking Up from War

War, like all trauma, is a great teacher, if we can learn from it. For some years now I’ve listened to stories of war and come to know the people who tell them: Veterans, their family members and children, and their care providers. I want to share with you their voices, their anguish, and what I’ve learned about the remarkable process of coming back to life.

The ingredients veterans need to transform war trauma, and how, in a healing community characterized by unconditional compassion without judgment, veterans turn haunting ghosts into ancestors, usable memories which allow them to learn from experience. Since they and their families and care givers can do this, so can we all: ordinary citizens, our institutions, and our leaders. We can wake up from the dissociative fog of war, face its terrible costs together, heal, uproot our penchant for war and violence, and build communties of peace.

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