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Loch Kelly

River Road Unitarian
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The Practices of Effortless Mindfulness and Heart Mindfulness - Part 2

Meditation is a stepping stone leading to awakening. Our awake nature is already here, and learning to live from this awake awareness is the next natural stage of human development for us all.

With deliberate mindfulness, we begin by meditating to calm and focus your mind. In effortless mindfulness, we will learn to intentionally shift into spacious awake awareness, which is already calm, stable, and able to effortlessly focus. In heart mindfulness, we will discover that awake awareness is embodied and that it is possible to know from open-hearted awareness. In deliberate mindfulness we have an insight into who we are not; in heart mindfulness we discover the empty awake compassion that is who we’ve always been. Suffering, ignorance and confusion will begin to liberate and all experiences and emotions are welcomed. Having dropped from self-centeredness to heart-mind we can live from a deep sense of well-being, creativity and unconditional love.

The video contains both Parts 1 and 2.

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