A number of IMCW teachers have made themselves available for individual or small group practice meetings. Practice meetings are intended to guide students in their formal practice of Buddhist mindfulness and heart meditations. More experienced students may wish to discuss with a teacher what practices and dharma activities might most support their spiritual development.

Practice meetings are available to anyone who has a somewhat regular practice, has received introduction to meditation instruction (through class or CD) and attends one of our weekly classes. These meetings are by phone or videoconferencing such as Zoom or Skype. They can be done individually or in small groups.

There are a number of IMCW teachers currently available for practice meetings. Please contact them directly to arrange a time and format.


There is no set fee, but a donation (dana) of $30 is suggested.  A typical meeting will about about 30 minutes in length.

Available Teachers

The following teachers are available for practice meetings:

Mary Aubry

Klia Bassing Free for first session of 15-20 minutes on Zoom. Information and rates for any additional sessions are at https://www.visityourself.net/private-online-sessions.html

Hugh Byrne

Rob Creekmore

Stan Eisenstein

Vicki Goodman

Anna Johns

Trish Magyari

Bill Mies

Luisa Montero-Diaz

Carole Rogentine

La Sarmiento

Carolyn Stachowski

Jennifer Stanley

Jon Waterman

Steve Zappalla