Trisha Stotler

Trisha Stotler has been a student of meditation for almost thirty years, and teaching for IMCW since 2009. Her teaching is accessible to all levels, and she’s known for presenting complex ideas in ways that are easily understood. Her areas of personal interest are using the dharma as a guide through life transitions and times of groundlessness, end-of-life issues, and the exploration of happiness and purpose. Her teachings draw primarily from the Vipassana tradition, but she’s also known for bringing in wisdom from other traditions that highlight the universality of the dharma.

Trisha finds guidance in the teachings of Gil Fronsdal, Gloria Taraniya, Venerable Pannavati and numerous others. She’s also mentored by a Tibetan nun who doesn’t pull any punches! Trisha is IMCW’s Interim Executive Director, and has served the organization in several capacities over the past many years.