Charles Agle

Charles (Collie) Agle has been practicing insight meditation for seven years.

He has two longstanding aspirations: help others, including himself, awaken to their essential Buddha nature that is within; and, through that process of awakening, find a path of engagement in the larger world.

He is one of the founders and principal teachers of the St. Mark's Meditation Center on Capitol Hill. Since its founding, the Center has become an active and growing sangha. Within the structure of the Center, Collie has led on Monday nights and developed and taught courses that range from basic meditation techniques to dependent co-arising. He is committed to exploring issues, within the Insight teaching framework, of privilege and exclusion, wilderness meditation, interbeing, and climate change.

Collie is a graduate of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute (MTTI). He is grateful for the wisdom, kindness, and insight of Tara, Jonathan, Hugh, and Pat, all of whom remain mentors.

Collie lives on Capitol Hill with Betsy, his wife of almost 50 years, and chocolate lab, Bodhi.

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