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Guiding Teachers

IMCW's guiding teachers each have more than a decade of experience teaching meditation, are active teaching classes and also teach residential meditation retreats. The guiding teachers support IMCW's teachers in offering Buddhist meditation practices to our broader community, and guide IMCW's board of directors on organizational issues related to dissemination of the Buddhist teachings.

A number of IMCW teachers have made themselves available for individual or small group practice meetings. Find more information about practice meetings here.


IMCW teachers are senior practitioners with years of teaching experience who lead meditation classes, daylongs, courses and retreats throughout the DC area. Most have received teacher training through a national teacher-training program (the Community Dharma Leader program based at Spirit Rock Center, Marin, CA; at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies; and courses offered at the Bhavana Retreat center) or through the Meditation Teacher Training Institute (MTTI).

Affiliate Teachers

IMCW affiliate teachers are experienced practitioners who offer meditation classes and daylongs in various settings. Most have graduated either from the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington (MTTI), or the Community Dharma Leader (CDL) program offered by Spirit Rock. Others have comparable training and experience.

Guest Teachers and Speakers

IMCW invites guest teachers and speakers to lead certain classes, workshops or retreats. While some guests are Buddhist meditation teachers, others are individuals whose work and teachings are complementary to Buddhist teachings and offer a resource we feel will be valuable to our community.