Mission & Values


Our mission is to support the IMCW community (Sangha) in awakening from suffering (Dukkha), through the cultivation of a loving heart and wise mind, grounded in Buddhist Insight (Vipassana) teachings.
IMCW seeks to promote the integration of awareness and compassion in all aspects of life, for the benefit of all beings.

Our Guiding Principles

IMCW is a community of individuals who share the common aspiration of awakening from suffering
through the development of an ethical life, the cultivation of a loving heart and wise mind, and by
learning to see ourselves, others, and the world clearly, just as they are.

Our offerings, which include online meditation classes, retreats and special events, are grounded in
Buddhist Insight (Vipassana) teachings, and rest on the foundational practice of mindfulness. They are
meant to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and beliefs who feel a sincere desire to be free from
the suffering caused by fear, clinging, and the illusion of separation. We acknowledge that barriers to
accessing the dharma exist. We recognize that improving access is a shared responsibility, and we seek
as a community to dismantle and eliminate these barriers.

As a Sangha, we:

  • Continually re-affirm our dedication to dismantling systems of oppression—both internal and external—
    that keep us from moving towards the goal of liberation for all beings, without exception.
  • Commit to the open exchange of ideas. We support the practice of wise speech, as well as listening
    heartfully and mindfully. We value honesty and courage as we consider what is working and what is not
    working in our community.
  • Prioritize the ethical conduct of our teachers, students, staff, and volunteers. We are a restorative
    community, and whenever possible seek to repair breaches of trust and facilitate healing.
  • Are committed to the practice of joy, and seek opportunities to sing, dance, laugh, and have fun
    together! We enjoy each other’s company and view sangha as an essential element on the path of