Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & belonging in IMCW

IMCW is committed to dismantling all forms of institutionalized and systemic oppression so that the embodiment of diverse perspectives is present in every aspect of our sangha and organization.

Though this work is challenging, we trust in the practice of the dharma, skillful speech, listening, heart-centered action, kindness, and compassion, to manifest true diversity, equity, and belonging in the IMCW community.

Our statement on racism

Recognizing that racism is a deeply rooted form of oppression, IMCW is working on uprooting our racist conditioning with courage and dedication, examining how we have played a role in developing a sangha that replicated societal models where our sangha members, board, and teachers were predominantly white.

We now have a diverse board with regards to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, socio-economic status, and culture. We also have more Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) in our Teachers Council, so BIPOC sangha members can benefit from feeling reflected and connected through a stronger sense of belonging.

Our statement on diversity

IMCW is committed to ensuring access to the practices and teachings to all who seek them. In the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, up to 50% of the spaces on our retreats will be reserved for members of under-represented groups such as BIPOC (Black, Indigeneous, People of Color), LGBTQIA+, people with dis/abilities, households making less than $40K, and active military personnel and military veterans.


Board and Teachers: We continue to strive to create an increasingly diverse board of directors and teacher’s council.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility (DEIA) Committee: This committee is actively engaged in activities and initiatives that make real our aspiration to dismantle all forms of institutionalized and systematic oppression so that the embodiment of diverse perspectives is present in every aspect of our sangha and organization. For more information on our mission, authority, activities, and membership, please contact us.

Larry Yang Fund: This fund is used to provide resources to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) students and teachers as they seek to learn, teach, and otherwise deepen their experience in the dharma.

Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC (IMCW) 2020: This report analyzes focus groups conducted by IMCW to better understand how the organization can foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate for members across a range of identities.