Jack Blackfelt

Jack Blackfelt is an IMCW teen sangha and iBme retreat teacher. Jack has lived a spiritual practice rooted in forgiveness, service and constant self-inquiry since 2004. Employing a completely uncertified and self-taught daily practice, he led the Washington DC Dharma Punx meditation group for 5 years. Prior to this he participated in a teen/young peoples’ 12-step recovery study group in New York City. 

Jack has found that teens seek wisdom from their peers as adults do and that when given the space for their own inquiry and support, as opposed to being taught anything by an elder, they in turn have much to teach us about authenticity and compassion. It is by encouraging consistent effort while keeping it real that he hopes to continue to assist young people toward a growing self-awareness and a dharma of their own that makes sense to them.


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