Radhule Weininger

Like many, Radhule came to this profession through my own life story as a “wounded healer.” Her journey started when she went to medical school in Germany more than three decades ago. On a break from medical school, Radhule ended up studying Buddhist meditation in Sri Lanka, and by the end of the 1980s she had become a clinical psychologist in California, where she finally began synthesizing these paths. 

For more than a decade Radhule worked as a consultant, helping people wounded by religious authority. During her time in San Francisco, she worked with groups of survivors of sexual abuse. She also facilitated a group for people challenged by an AIDS diagnosis and worked extensively with members of the LGBT community.

After practicing psychotherapy for seven years in San Francisco and Berkeley, Radhule moved to Santa Barbara, where she opened a private practice in the mid-1990s. Nowadays she sees adults and adolescents with a variety of problems, including depression and anxiety, many of whom seek help in times of relationship crises and major life changes. She work with those spiritually homeless and disappointed, who want to find their individual sense of spiritual connectedness. Radhule also specialize in seeing clients from international and minority backgrounds, helping them to bridge cultural and religious identities. 

Radhule is the author of Heartwork:The Path of Self-compassion (Shambhala, July 2017).

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