Satyani McPherson

Since discovering meditation and yoga over three decades ago, Satyani has cherished the healing and illuminating benefits of these practices. A passion for spiritual insight has persisted since childhood. This quest continued as a philosophy major in college; a jazz musician in NYC, LA, and Honolulu; and while doing video documentation and living in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Since returning to the USA her life has been nourished by silent mindfulness retreats and nondual teachings.

Satyani is certified through the Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training Program (Spirit Rock Meditation Center), Teach .b (Mindfulness in Schools Project), and the Lineage Project (Mindfulness Practices for Youth at Risk). She has found it rewarding to facilitate mindfulness classes for youth in various educational programs and for women in the criminal justice system. Satyani is inspired to share practices that can empower people to more effectively navigate life’s circumstances from their innate conscious awareness.

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