Mary Aubry

Mary began meditating in 1993 and has attended over 400 nights on silent retreat in the Vipassana tradition. Her teachers have included Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach, Leigh Brasington, Rodney Smith, Bhikkhu Analayo, and Gregory Kramer. She has been a teacher with IMCW since 2009.

Mary served for seven years on the Board of Directors of the Southern Dharma Retreat Center in North Carolina, attended the Dalai Lama’s 2011 eleven-day Kalachakra for World Peace event in Washington, DC, and graduated from Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leadership program in 2012. She co-taught IMCW’s 2014-15 heavenly messenger program, “Sacred Journey:  Being Present with Aging, Illness, and Dying” and developed and co-taught IMCW’s True Refuge Companion Program, which offered in-home meditation companions for the aging, ill, dying, and bereaved in the IMCW community. In 2016, Mary teamed up with Charlie Halpern and others to teach mindfulness to employees of the Santa Clara County, CA, district attorney’s office. And, in 2016, Leigh Brasington authorized Mary to teach the jhanas in the tradition of his teacher, Ayya Khema.  

Currently, Mary teaches retreats nationally and internationally on insight, the jhanas, and the brahma viharas.

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