Rashmi Nair-Ripley

Rashmi Nair-Ripley is a devoted student and practitioner of meditation and inquiry, exploring presence and its direct experience in daily life. She first began her practice in the Shamatha Vipassana tradition in 1999 while living in La Paz, Bolivia. 

Rashmi has attended numerous retreats and has been influenced greatly by a number of teachers including Pema Chodron, Charlotte Joko Beck, Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Eric Kolvig, Adyashanti, A.H. Almaas, and Victoria Young. Her practice of orienting around truth and presence is the centerpiece of her everyday life, and she enjoys bringing this into focus with students who attend class with her.

Rashmi is an ex-Insight on the Inside teacher, and taught weekly for 5+ years in the Arlington County Jail. She was the Arlington group volunteer leader and spearheaded two mindfulness programs within the Addictions Corrections Treatment Unit. 

Rashmi currently leads IMCW's weekly Women's Sangha and teaches yoga and meditation in northern Virginia.

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